Join us at these great events for habitat and youth!

Join us at these great events for habitat and youth!

Upcoming Events for Oklahoma & Texas

With 25 chapters between the two states, it is quite a challenge to keep up with all of the chapter events across both states. However, we will attempt to keep this updated and will be posting only the fundraising events, shooting events and youth events. We may also add additional non-chapter events if it is related to our mission (like habitat and youth).

Please contact the local chapter for their meeting dates for that respective chapter. It would be very helpful for you to like the chapter's Facebook page to help stay abreast of local happenings and to join in on the conversations for pheasant and quail topics!!

Oklahoma State Habitat Convention        March 23rd & 24th, 2018
Cherokee Strip QF/PF (OK)    Coyote Hunt    2/17/2018
Cherokee Strip QF/PF (OK)    Banquet           3/3/2018
Indian Territory (OK)               Banquet           3/10/2018
Covey Rise (OK)                     Banquet           3/15/2018
Wichita Mountains (OK)         Banquet           4/14/2018
Deep Fork Canadian (OK)      Banquet           5/5/2018
Oklahoma #89 (OK                Banquet           8/18/2018
Tall Grass Heritage (OK)        Banquet           8/25/2018
North Fork (OK)                     Banquet           9/27/2018
Homesteaders (OK)              Banquet          11/10/2018

Texas State Habitat Convention: TBA - due to multiple agency partnerships, working on dates that work for all parties.

Central Texas (TX)                Box Hunt          1/13/2018 - GREAT EVENT, be sure to sign up for next year's Box Hunt!!
Gulf Coast (TX)                     Tower Shoot    2/3/2018
Llano Estacado (TX)             Banquet           2/8/2018
High Plains (TX)                    Banquet           2/10/2018
Brazos River Prairie (TX)       Clay Shoot      3/17/2018
San Antonio Area (TX)          Banquet          4/7/2018
Adobe Walls (TX)                 Banquet          4/28/2018
Brazos River Prairie (TX)      Banquet          5/3/2018
Big Country (TX)                  Banquet          5/10/2018
Central Texas (TX)               Banquet          6/14/2018
Lone Star (TX)                     Banquet           8/16/2018
Gulf Coast (TX)                   Tower Shoot    10/6/2018